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history of the communist party of the soviet union - chapter seven the bolshevik party in the period of preparation and realization of the october socialist revolution april 1917 1918, soviet union history leaders map facts britannica com - soviet union in full union of soviet socialist republics u s s r russian soyuz sovetskikh sotsialisticheskikh respublik or sovetsky soyuz former northern eurasian empire 1917 22 1991 stretching from the baltic and black seas to the pacific ocean and in its final years consisting of 15 soviet socialist republics s s r s armenia azerbaijan belorussia now belarus estonia, t 44 soviet medium tank 1944 - a near total redesign the t 44 medium tank came about as a successor to the world famous t 34 however it was a near total redesign it was made with the intention of having greater cross country performance and more effective armor, historical flags of our ancestors cold war flags - csr founding conference flag soviet people s delegates conference flag 1931 ever since 1926 a civil war had raged between the communist forces of mao zedong and the nationalist chinese government